Are Halloween Contact Lenses Safe?

Are Halloween Contact Lenses Safe?

The answer is yes. However, there are some tips that should be followed in order to ensure maximum safety. There are many websites that sell Halloween contact lenses for adults at reasonable prices. And the best thing is you can get them delivered to your doorstep without any hassles. First of all, make sure that when you buy Halloween contacts from a website the site is genuine and also belongs to reputed sellers who have huge experience in this field, like us!

You need to make sure wherever you buy your lenses from requires that you supply a copy of your contact lens prescription. This is necessary in order to confirm your prescription.

The next step would be to carefully read the packaging before taking out and opening up any Halloween contacts lenses that you have bought. Make sure that there are no torn wrappers or seals which could mean that the product has been tampered with. If this happens then you must contact the customer care department of that site immediately.

Some Tips:

  • Never sleep with your contact lenses in. Ever.
  • Never share lenses with your friends. It’s not sanitary. Don’t do it!
  • Never clean your lenses with water! Always use a cleaning solution.
  • If your lenses dry out and get crispy they are DONE. Don’t try to revive them.
  • Always send us your pics! We wanna see it! Seriously.
  • Always tell your friends about Gothika / Wicked Eyez. you’re awesome. We’re awesome. Let’s be awesome together.

Popular Halloween Lenses For 2021

This year zombie contact lenses are still the most popular. These contacts are what make it possible for your eyes to look like bloodshot zombies. The great thing about these contact lenses is that they would match up with almost any costume. That’s why most people who go out on Halloween wear these zombie lenses as a finishing touch to their costumes.

In second place we have the Vampire Halloween contact lenses by Gothika. These contacts work like a charm if you are going to be dressing as one of the blood-sucking vampires.

If you want something more spooky, then try out the Ice Walker lenses. These will give your eyes an appearance that can make even the bravest soul shiver in fear.

Halloween 2021 is going to be huge! With life getting back to normal we are starting to see people already plan their costumes.  So, make sure to get your lenses ordered before stock runs out.

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