Blue Contact Lenses
Blue Contact Lenses

Blue Contact Lenses

Wicked Eyez / Gothika has a large selection of Blue Contact Lenses. Whether you are looking for natural blue contacts or striking blue lenses for Halloween or Cosplay, we have what you are looking for.

Looking For Cool Blue Contact Lenses?

Blue eye color is the most sought-after color if you are looking for a color change. With Wicked Eyez / Gothika Halloween lenses you can have that icey, ethereal look

What I personally like about blue fx lenses is they can go with any character. It's cold, smart, calculating, and other-worldly. It could be good or evil. One of my favorite use of blue lenses was in the Underworld movie series. Seline with those steel blue eyes for a vampire. Groundbreaking and amazing!

Blue Halloween Contacts - Top Picks

Gothika / Wicked Eyez offers a big collection of Blue Contact Lenses. This list is just my personal top picks for the blue series.

  1. Angelic Blue - Ethereal blue contacts with a dark limbal ring. These lenses stand out! They are absolutely beautiful.
  2. Color Max Blue - These lenses are perfect for that Vampire Seline from Underworld look. Cold, icy blue. And they are available in prescription strengths!
  3. Ice Walker - How could we possibly ever leave these lenses out of any top list. When we launched them they exploded onto the scene. That cold, dead stare from the White Walkers in Game of Thrones.

Wicked Fast Shipping!

How fast is fast? As soon as your order is verified we normally ship within the hour! How's that for speedy? We know you don't have time to wait for your lenses and we want to get them in your hands as fast as un-humanly possible.