What Is A Limbal Ring?

What Is A Limbal Ring?

Eyes are probably our most important feature … which is why we spend so much time and money prettying them up. Eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara … ugh. Still, sometimes there’s a need to mix it up a bit or crank it up a notch past our everyday workout. And, whether you’re looking to leave em quaking with a glance or draw them to you, Gothika has the perfect set of lenses to let you rise above the masses…. And they’re a hell of a lot easier to apply than jabbing an eyeliner pencil in your eyes too.

Gothika is America’s #1 source for cosmetic lenses, with more than 70 quality designs to choose from. And, we’re leading the hottest trend for 2021 … limbal rings … read below to find out a bit more.

What Are Limbal Rings?

No, you don’t have to pierce anything new to have them … limbal rings are just the circles that border the colored iris of the eyes, which makes them ‘pop’ from the white sclera.

Does everyone have limbal rings? The answer is yes … well… sort of. Some people are lucky enough to have noticeable ones, and infants and toddlers have stronger ones….it’s part of their big watery-eyed cuteness factor. However, for the vast majority of us, they aren’t that noticeable, and what there is usually fades away just in time for us to miss them.

For over 20 years, Gothika has stayed at the top of the cosmetic and Halloween contact lens market and has introduced a number of styles and colors of lenses with limbal rings. Whether you want them to add to your cuteness factor, or to add intensity and life to your character … we have a limbal ringed lens for you.

Why are Limbal Rings More Attractive?

Personally, I feel like limbal rings make a gaze REALLY intense, but because they’re most often noticeable in infants they also have that cute and cuddly association. And, studies show that they’re one of those subconscious ‘good health’ cues that make people seem more attractive…kinda like big muscles or big boobs. Unfortunately, no one’s ever done a “the bigger the limbal rings, the bigger the….” study. But, basically …men and women are biologically programmed to feel that bigger limbal rings = stronger and healthier … which means that whatever style you choose, Gothika’s limbal ring contacts add that extra something to make it more intense.

The Perfect Costume Combination

No matter what your character or costume, Gothika has you covered with a wide selection of Halloween and Cosplay lenses! And, with our broad selection of different limbal ring contacts, every day can be a new you!

Creatures of the Night

Limbal rings are definitely not for dull, slow-moving zombies. Whether you want to be a vampire, a werewolf, a demon or a witch, when it comes to the things that haunt our imaginations, limbal rings add intelligence and strength, making your gaze terrifyingly penetrating and even hypnotic.

Anime Cosplay

Do you ever notice how big their eyes are in anime? Kinda hard to make your eyes that big without using the eyeball stretchers from “A Clockwork Orange”. That’s one of the other good things about Limbal rings … by defining the color of the iris against the white of the eye, your eyes look bigger. And, with a selection of Anime inspired lenses to choose from, Gothika gives you more than just color to choose from, so that you can add to the magic, mystery, or cuteness of your character.

Angelic Lenses

Whether you’re heavenly, fallen, or just want to shock the Hell out of people our incredible Angelic Eyes line of limbal ring contact lenses will give you that extra something that will make people say “Holy [email protected]!t”.

The eyes can say everything, so make a statement! Limbal ringed lenses will not just bring your eyes to life, they’ll make you stand out, no matter how big the crowd! It is time for a new star to be born – and baby, it’s you!

Are you ready to have beautiful eyes that can captivate with just a glance? Then check out our limbal ring lenses.

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