Pink Contact Lenses
Pink Contact Lenses

Looking To Buy Pink Contact Lenses For Anime Cosplay?

Little pink contact lenses are always a good idea if you’re wanting a lens but aren’t looking for something too bold and noticeable. Our anime lens collection also adds pink to emphasize the feminine.

Contacts like this work exceptionally well when combined with some color for a really striking contrast. 

Bestselling Pink Contacts Prescription For Halloween

Gothika / Wicked Eyez offers a diverse collection of Pink Contacts. Countless possibilities on costumes you could use these pink lenses with. But, if we have to pick out a few bestsellers we can. Here are the top sellers in pink.

  1. Phantom - These Phantom lenses are pink and black limbal ring designed Halloween color contact lenses. Shop FDA non-prescription lenses at a great price!
  2. Rave Pink UV Glow - They appear to tint your eyes pink, but as soon as they see the black light, they activate and glow a bright neon! Cute but freaky, these Rave Pink are perfect for making a statement.
  3. Tomoe - These Sailor Moon contacts are a lovely pink color with softer highlights that open up your eyes and create a beautiful look.

Ultra Fast Shipping!

Our queen does not have time to sit around and wait for their pink contact lenses. Choose your preferred pinky contacts and we will ship immediately to your fingertips.

Under US Federal Law, all contact lenses are considered a medical device that requires a prescription. Prescription verification services provided by LensScript.