Green Contact Lenses
Green Contact Lenses

Looking To Buy Green Contact Lenses?

Green is an extremely versatile color for contact lenses. From hulk to a witch or goblin. Maybe something fun for St Paddy or the color of money. Green is alluring and sexy. Did you know green eye color is amongst the rarest color for the eye on the planet?

Our Green With Envy Picks

Gothika / Wicked Eyez offers a killer collection of Green Contact Lenses. Did you know green was George Washington's favorite color? Here are our top picks.

  1. Angelic Green - The entire Angelic Series is just awesome. They really are so versatile and the jagged dark ring around the edges make them really stand out.
  2. Color Max Green - Technically not a Halloween lens. But these beauty lenses are so vibrant your friends will be green with envy.
  3. Green Rave UV Lenses - Green UV glows so intensely under a blacklight. You will look like you have glowsticks for your eyes!

Ultra Green Lucky Shipping!

With the speed of a lucky leprechaun we will magically whisp your lenses through the air and gently set them directly in your eyes. Ok. Probably not. We will just use the post office. But they are pretty quick too!