Halloween Contact Lenses

Your Eyes Deserve To Be Wicked!

Non-corrective lenses do not have to sacrifice comfort. Wicked Eyez offers a HUGE selection of non-prescription contact lenses that ship from right here in the USA!

All Halloween Contact Lenses

Theatrical Halloween Contacts by Wicked Eyez are of the highest quality and are available in a vast variety of styles. Looking for a specific design or genre of lenses? Click Here if you are looking for Zombie Contacts! Maybe you are looking to draw a little blood with our awesome Vampire Contact Lenses.

Halloween Contact Lenses

Are you looking to buy the most comfortable and trusted Halloween Contacts in the USA? Shop the complete line of authentic Wicked Eyez contacts that are available in prescription and non-prescription strengths. Whether you want to be a zombie or a vampire, witch or monster, Wicked Eyez has you covered! Make your friends jealous at your next Halloween party with the ultimate Halloween accessory, Wicked Eyez.

For over 20 years Wicked Eyez has been providing Halloween enthusiasts, professional makeup artists, haunted attractions, and celebrities with safe, reliable colored contacts. Many of our popular designs are available in your prescription.

Movie Halloween Contacts

We are huge movie buffs! Some of our staff have been working in the makeup industry for decades. Our lenses have been featured in countless TV shows and movies. Other lens designs have been inspired by some of the most popular movies and shows. become a zombie like The Walking Dead or check out our Black Out contacts which can transform you into a Supernatural demon.

Looking For Prescription Halloween Contacts?

Wicked Eyez offers a huge selection of our most popular crazy eyes in prescription strengths. We offer lenses from 0.00 Plano ( Plano just means they have no correction ) through -6.00. Unlike other brands, we offer lenses in 0.25 steps. Check out our Prescription Lens section to choose your perfect peepers.